Giannoulias Campaign Begins Airing First Television Ads in Illinois Secretary of State Race

Ads highlight Democrat’s plan to modernize the office and protect voter rights
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CHICAGO, IL – Democrat Alexi Giannoulias today released his first television ads for Illinois Secretary of State, showcasing his plans to modernize the office, safeguard voting rights, and expand voter registration opportunities. 

Giannoulias is the first statewide candidate – outside of the governor’s race – to launch an ad buy prior to the June 28 primary election. 

The ads, which are the first of a series that begin airing today, feature Giannoulias – who played professional basketball overseas – patiently teaching a group of children the fundamentals of the game. 

The ad ‘Assist’ focuses on the children’s mounting frustration during practice, which serves as a metaphor for the public’s aggravation and stress experienced waiting for government to deliver services. 

As part of his campaign, Giannoulias has pledged to eliminate the “Time Tax,” or the time wasted filling out forms or waiting in lines. He plans to modernize the office by: implementing his “Skip the Line” plan; introducing a new app to make it easier to perform tasks remotely; and pushing for digital driver’s licenses that motorists can store on their phone. 

In “Line Up,” the ad takes aim at recent voter suppression laws, which have been inspired by Donald Trump and right-wing initiatives led by Republican Secretaries of State. These new laws, now implemented across the nation, are designed to disenfranchise voters, particularly voters of color, and make it more difficult to both register and vote. 

Giannoulias wants to expand registration opportunities for Illinoisians by making technical changes to the state’s Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) system, overseen by the Secretary of State, that will result in increased registration. He will also push to allow for young people – as young as 16 – to pre-register, making them automatically eligible to vote when they turn 18. 

“My plan for Secretary of State will protect Illinoisans’ right to vote and increase voting registration opportunities to make it more convenient and easier for Illinoisans to cast ballots so their voices are heard,” said Giannoulias, the former Illinois State Treasurer, in a statement upon releasing the ads. “We’re also committed to modernizing the office and repealing the Time Tax, which will reduce headaches and save people time and money.” 

The 30-second ads (transcripts below) are produced by Adelstein & Associates and will begin airing on Chicago television, streaming services and YouTube this week and in other parts of the state leading up to the primary. Digital versions of the ads will also begin appearing this week on social media platforms across the state. 


Assist Transcript: 

I’m Alexi Giannoulias. 

Before I was inspired to enter public service by my friend Barack Obama, I used to play basketball for a living. 

We won when we made it easier for our teammates to score. 

Now, I’m running for Secretary of State because government has to stop making our lives harder. 

Government needs to step up. And make life easier for everyone. 


Line Up Transcript: 

I’m Alexi Giannoulias. 

I was inspired to enter public service by my friend and basketball buddy…this President… 

But after this President…tried to overturn the last election… 

We have to do more to make it easier to register and vote… 

When I played pro-ball, we practiced to make the game easier. 

When I’m Secretary of State, I’ll do the same. 

We’ll never let anyone stop you from casting your vote 

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