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Restoring public trust in government and its elected leaders is Alexi’s top priority. As the youngest State Treasurer ever elected in Illinois, Alexi Giannoulias pursued a progressive, reform agenda that focused on innovative initiatives and policies designed to curb ethical abuses, create jobs, safely invest taxpayer dollars and improve the financial futures of all Illinoisans.

Alexi's Vision

We need to repair the broken relationship between our government and the people by restoring the faith and trust of so many who feel frustrated and dismayed, believing that there are two sets of rules — one for the rich, powerful and well-connected, and one for everyone else.

I’m running because I believe I have the ideas, the energy and the proven record to help move us in a new direction that is focused on rebuilding this trust and ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. I’m inspired by Secretary Jesse White’s remarkable character and outstanding service to our State and want to build on his commitment of always putting people first.

Photo of Alexi Giannoulias working.
Illinois governor signs law to prevent book banning

Thank you to Good Morning America for having me on the show today to discuss the landmark legislation signed into law this week, making Illinois the first state in the country to prohibit book banning.

HB 2789 prevents public and school libraries from receiving state grants if they fail to adhere to the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, which states that reading materials shouldn’t be removed or restricted due to “partisan or personal disapproval.”

As the state's Chief Librarian, I championed this legislation and worked with lawmakers to ensure our experienced librarians continue providing materials that engage history, discuss various viewpoints and encourage critical thinking.

Efforts to curb reading materials have absolutely nothing to do with books. They are about restricting the freedom of ideas that certain individuals disagree with and that certain individuals think others should have access to.

I will not stop fighting to protect access to educational materials for all Illinoisians, but I need your help to keep up the momentum against those who are trying to rewrite our history and spread misinformation.

Our View: Secretary of State's Skip the Line program promises a real improvement to customer service

As of September 1st, appointments at our DMVs statewide will be controlled via our Skip the Line program.

Instead of guessing when there will be long lines or missing time at work because of those lines, you can take care of several tasks -- like renewing license plate stickers -- online and make appointments for in person services.

I promised you we would reverse the time tax, and today Illinoisians got their first tax cut on this front. Encourage everyone you know to take advantage of our Skip the Line program!

Can license plate data be used against women seeking an abortion?

One year after the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, outrageous attacks on a woman’s right to choose are underway across the nation. The Midwest is slowly becoming a freedom desert, as neighboring states not only attempt to criminalize abortion, but to restrict women from exercising their right to choose even where it remains legal.

I am proud to have led efforts along with Governor Pritzker and allies in the General Assembly to counter these efforts. Illinois will stand as an oasis of freedom for women seeking to exercise a constitutional right that radicals have sought to deprive them of.

This is why I initiated a first-in-the-nation bill to outlaw sharing or selling license plate data for women seeking abortions. This data could be weaponized as some states try to criminalize helping someone get an abortion.

Illinois will continue to lead not only on reproductive rights but on the fundamental right of privacy. Without proper oversight, data collection can be abused and negatively affect your lives. Whether you are being forced to crossed state lines to exercise your right to choose or whether you are going to the grocery store, you should not be tracked for legal activities. I am taking a stand as Illinois Secretary of State, but I need your help.

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4 weeks ago
Alexi Giannoulias

One year ago I woke up as Secretary of State-elect and the first new Illinois Secretary of State in a generation.

I got to that point because of the trust you put in me as you supported me over a long two-year campaign. That was an emotional journey, and the exhilaration we all felt one year ago still moves me today.

But what moves me most is your trust. And as I said on Election Night, “Trust. Not that a big of a word but loaded with more meaning than any other in public service.”

Over the past year, I have been relentless in the pursuit of justifying your trust, in delivering on every promise I made on the campaign trail. And I could not be more proud of my team for helping me do just that.

I promised to repeal the “time tax” – and our “Skip the Line” program has saved the average DMV customer over an hour in line. And that is just the beginning; our modernization program is now fully under way and your interaction with the Secretary of State’s office will only become easier and more efficient.

I promised to protect our democracy – and our Right to Read legislation preventing book banks and our efforts to make Voter Registration easier did just that. I promised that we would use whatever powers the Secretary of State’s office to protect the citizens of Illinois, and we stepped up to help fight car jacking in this state and to prosecute white collar fraud. We cemented Illinois’ status an oasis for reproductive freedom by protecting the privacy of women traveling to our state to exercise their fundamental right of choice.

We have done all this and so much more – and we were in position to do it because of all of you. You are not merely my constituents and supporters you are part of Team Alexi. We still have a lot of work to do to restore faith in Illinois government, and I promise you I will bring the relentlessness from year 1 to year 2. And I invite you to join me on that journey. But for today, I just want to recall the joy we all felt together last year and say Thank You. -Alexi
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I just came to say how impressed I was by the new drivers services facility. Perfect flow in the space and professional staff! I couldn’t believe I was done in 15 min. What a stark contrast with years past! Thank you.

Alexi , thank you for your dedicated work to help the people of Illinois. My family and I wish you, and your family the very best always. Blessings

Alexi, thanks for everything you are doing!

You will always have our vote 🤗

Ok listen. If you force people to go online to get services that are required by the state then that's not giving people a choice. If you are another tyrant who is violating the constitutional rights of Americans then you are the problem. Waiting in a line is better than waiting two weeks to get a basic service that is required by the state. NOT GOOD.

Speak out against your democrat colleagues in Naperville who for political reasons falsely accused 2 kids of Burning a Quran. The kids were proven innocent! Councilman Benjamin M. White, Senator Laura Ellman, Senator Karina Villa, Congressman Bill Foster, Lucy Chang Evans, Rep. Terra Costa Howard, Senator Rachel Ventura, Rep. Nabeela Syed, Islamic Center of Naperville, Indian American Muslim Council, CAIR-Chicago, your apologies need to be issued to these young kids, their parents, the community, the state, and the country!

Chicago is an joke . Tell the cops leave the uniforms at home and catch real bad guys. (Undercover) Its bullshit . I'm ready for war over this shit I messaged your inbox . #Hooyah #E4Mafia President Joe Biden is an coward if ya ask me. President Donald Trump does too much and forgot bout me, but Ivana Trump AND Ivanka Trump were hot as hell but i didn't like. Culaudes . I was an massage guy some chick stole an hotel del uniform and put it on me. Pisses me off though the Edward Hines Jr. Veterans Administration Hospital has got their heads so deep in the books they feel asleep reading em and woke up with their heads up their own asses . The mental health dept is ran by foreigners how the fuk am i supposed to tell them about my ptsd experiences when they dont even know what an Mule is and i swore to confidence!? I deserve an pardon. The Lasalle County Public defenders are cowards that dint want to don't their job they threatened me into an guilty plea . Kendall county or yorkville as sex and drinks in squads and lets girls go on hugs. During the hastert scandal era I was in kiddie porn at couples play house in Oswego but the @FBI dont seem to give two shits . I hope the #E4mafia saves me again . Democrats are tyrants republicans are tyrants we need an coup third party like the E-4 MAFIA official E4MafiaBoss #hooyah #navy

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2 months ago
Alexi Giannoulias

What a great way to start my Sunday morning with my friends, the Schaumburg Area Democratic Organization and Committeeman Mike Cudzik. Schaumburg Area Democrats

Thank you for inviting me to keynote your Annual Candidate Meet and Greet Breakfast. I'm grateful for your support, and energized by the amazing turnout.

#ILSOS #Democrats
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5 CommentsComment on Facebook

It was an outstanding speech. Keep up the amazing job you're doing! A great event that Committeeman Mike Cudzik and the Schaumburg Democrats hosted.

Your keynote speech was truthful, heartfelt, and inspiring . Thank you Alexi Giannoulias

Alexi Giannoulias Speak out against your Democrat colleagues who falsely accused two kids in Naperville of Burning a Quran. They need to apologize and remove their made-up hate crime posting. Kids were proved INNOCENT! What groups pressured them to do this?


Dead ass bro im gonna snap, Lasalle county , kendall county is corrupt. They fuk girls in squads and drink in squads . Ask my exes . And they let big breasted women go on hugs for the same exact crime as me when i was on an little kids dirt bike driving to work. U morons punish the good guys for non violent offenses . Iman disabled vet i deserve an fuking ride to work you rich prick . At keast your not an fat bastard like protzger he looks loke hes never been hungry id loke to play wargames with him and lord of the fles his ass #Hooyah i was an ELF Evil Litttle Fuker in “Donald Trumps War On Terror “ President Donald Trump bit he forgot about me i suppose .

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2 months ago
Alexi Giannoulias

I was honored to speak at the Young Chicago Lakefront September Social! What an amazing group of dedicated and civically engaged young professionals.

State Rep. @repannwilliams, State Rep. @crokeforillinois, Ald. @bennettfor44 and myself spoke about our respective journeys in politics and about the critical importance of young professional organizations such as YCL.

The future is bright in Illinois!
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1 CommentComment on Facebook

Will you speak-up for the 2 kids your Democratic colleagues accused of Burning a Quran? Accusations from Senator Laura Ellman and 7 other Democrats/3 Islamic groups were proven false. Apologies need to be issued to these young kids, their parents, community, state, and the country!

2 months ago
Alexi Giannoulias

I was honored to speak at the Young Chicago Lakefront September Social! What an amazing group of dedicated and civically engaged young professionals.

State Rep. Ann Williams, State Rep. Margaret Croke, Ald. Bennett Lawson and myself spoke about our respective journeys in politics and about the critical importance of young professional organizations such as YCL.

The future is bright in Illinois! 💪
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2 CommentsComment on Facebook

You are doing a stellar job. Keep at it!

Can you please updated info for seniors to automatically get seniors automatic seniors discount for plate stickers. Thanks

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