Illinois companies should be required — not just encouraged — to increase diversity on their boards

I want to share a column I wrote that was published in the Chicago Sun-Times, highlighting an important issue that is part of my campaign for Secretary of State.

You can read the Sun-Times article here.

New state legislation requires the Secretary of State’s office to collect data detailing the information on corporate boards of publicly listed companies headquartered in Illinois. The data will be released in a report on Monday.

The idea is to encourage more diversity, particularly of women and people of color.

While this marks a positive step, I believe the State should do more by requiring public corporations to include more board members from underrepresented communities.

I fully support Illinois House Speaker Chris Welch’s proposal which would have required Illinois companies to have at least one woman, African American and Latino on their corporate boards.

As I write in the op-ed, “The board members of large corporations make decisions that impact the livelihoods of working families throughout the country…and in Illinois. It’s time for corporate America to mirror the diversity of our country and to demonstrate that inclusivity, transparency and accountability are reflected in their core values.”


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