Giannoulias Plan Would Allow Illinoisans to Choose Their Driver’s License Photo

Proposal Would Establish New Fund for Transportation Safety
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Giannoulias Plan Would Allow Illinoisans to Choose Their Driver’s License Photo

Proposal Would Establish New Fund for Transportation Safety

A plan proposed by Democrat Secretary of State candidate Alexi Giannoulias would allow Illinoisans to choose the photo placed on their driver’s license.

“I think at one time or another everyone has uttered the phrase, ‘I hate my driver’s license photo,’” said Giannoulias, who is running for the statewide office that administers driver’s licenses and state identification cards. “We want to give Illinoisans a choice and have the opportunity for a more flattering photo while generating new revenue to make our roads safer.”

Giannoulias’ plan would allow Illinoisans to take up to three additional photos when they renew their license or state ID card at one of the Secretary of State’s facilities. Individuals who choose to have their photo retaken would then have the opportunity to select from the photos taken to decide which would appear on their driver’s license or state ID.

The Secretary of State’s office would charge an extra $10 for each additional photo taken. The additional charge would only apply to those who want to have their photo retaken. Revenue generated from the extra photos would go towards a new driver safety fund to support education, safety and training programs.

Giannoulias’ plan would also allow individuals to present a photo somewhere else to driver’s license facilities for placement on their license or ID card – such as a passport photo – as long as state guidelines are met.

“We’re all required to display the same driver’s license or ID on a regular basis for years at a time. People should have a driver’s license photo of themselves that they are proud to show; not one that they’re embarrassed of,” said Democrat State Rep. Lakesia Collins (9th District), who would sponsor legislation to enable Giannoulias’ proposal to take effect. “Having the ability to retake the photo and giving customers a second chance by allowing them to choose for themselves is a win for the Illinois residents, a win for keeping our safe roads and a win for the State.”

Giannoulias stressed that his plan for driver’s license photos would only go into effect after lines at driver’s facilities – resulting from Covid-19 delays and Real ID surge – subside so it would not increase wait times for in-person services.

Giannoulias, the former State Treasurer who is running to succeed Secretary of State Jesse White, who has indicated he will not seek another term. Giannoulias has already presented a series of proposals to modernize the office, including his Skip the Line program that aims to reduce lines and wait times at driver’s license facilities.


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