Did You Know?

When people think of the Secretary of State’s office, they naturally think of driver’s licenses.

But the Secretary of State plays a variety of critical roles that we intend to highlight as part of our “Did You Know?” series, which we’re launching today.

One of those responsibilities is serving as the State’s Librarian. As a member of the Chicago Public Library board, I understand how indispensable libraries are to our communities – especially during a pandemic.

Before the COVID crisis, more than 180,000 people visited our libraries every day, receiving free access to tools and knowledge that open doors for learning and opportunity.

Even during the lockdown, library workers across the state remained committed and adapted to continue by offering services and materials remotely.

While Illinois libraries gradually begin to reopen, I want to improve access to their vital services, add educational programs and find new ways they can bring more people together.

Take the time to watch our new video and learn more about our campaign.


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