Campaign Ramping Up

Politico’s Illinois Playbook reported today that our campaign for Secretary of State is ramping up with donations from a broad-based coalition that believes in our message of restoring trust in government. 

In a single week, we’ve received contributions totaling more than $400,000! 

“Big-name donors include clean-energy innovator Michael Polsky, Black OpalCEO Desiree Rogers, and top Democratic Party contributors Michael Sacks andBob Clifford…” the item read. 

“…he also has the support of Ariel Investments Co-CEO John Rogers Jr., formerU.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, and Vistria Group Co-CEO Marty Nesbitt, as well as organized labor. Rogers, Duncan and Nesbitt got to know Giannoulias on the campaign trail for former President Barack Obama’s first presidential run when they were known to play pick-up basketball games.” 

While the news headlines will tend to focus on the big-name party donors, it’s important to note that the majority of our contributions come in small amounts – as low as $3 in some cases – and from everyday Illinoisans who are committed to making our campaign successful. 

Alexi Listens Tour 

We launched our “Alexi Listens” last week and have already conducted six virtual listening events across the state, building widespread support and receiving direct input from Illinois residents. 

From people who want more equity and reform in state government to those who want to modernize services in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re integrating your feedback and ideas into our platform. 

We especially want to thank: Cherri Montgomery, Ann Callis, Valerie Idusuyi and Yarela Beltran-Osgood in Springfield; Democratic Chairman Randy Harris inMadison County; and Mo Khan, Karim Lakhani and Munir Akhtar for heading up today’s event. 

Reforming Discriminatory Driving Laws 

The Black Caucus’ criminal justice reform package approved by the General Assembly last week would put an end to suspending driver’s licenses for unpaid red light and speed camera tickets. 

Without a valid driver’s license, thousands of Illinoisans – especially those who have lower incomes – are at risk of losing their jobs and ability to earn a living.As a result, those impacted are less likely to pay the ticket and more likely to end up in an endless cycle of debt. 

If signed into law, the bill would restore the driving privileges to 11,000 Illinois motorists. This initiative represents a big step forward in ending a discriminatory practice and will make a big difference in the lives of Illinoisans. 

Get Involved! 

Since announcing my interest in running for Secretary of State, I’ve been over-whelmed by the encouragement and positive input I’ve received across the state. 

I’m overwhelmed by your support.

Chip in $3, $25 or $100 today to help build on our momentum and join our movement. 

Thank you! 


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