Alexi Giannoulias: Illinois Secretary of State candidate answers Tribune Editorial Board questionnaire

To inform voters and to help the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board make endorsements, the board posed a series of questions to the candidates running for Illinois Secretary of State. See how other the other candidate answered here.

  • Candidate name: Alexi Giannoulias
  • Running for: Illinois Secretary of State
  • Residence: Not answered
  • Current occupation: Founder & CEO, Annoula Ventures
  • Previous political experience (elective and appointed positions): Illinois State Treasurer (2007-2011) Chairman of the Illinois Community College System (2011-2015) Chicago Public Library Board of Directors (2018-2021)
  • Education: Boston University, BA; Tulane University, JD
  • Spouse’s occupation: Not answered
  • Sources of outside income: “This information has been filed on my statement of economic interest,” the candidate wrote.

Questions with candidate’s answers

What changes would you make to improve traffic safety, particularly from the standpoint of teen drivers, driving while intoxicated and distracted driving?

Illinois is a leader when it comes to some specific traffic safety initiatives, which include laws against texting while driving and stringent requirements for teen drivers. However, we can do more to encourage safe driving to prevent future accidents and deaths from occurring, especially when it comes to distracted driving, sleep-deprived driving and driving under the influence. For example, penalties for drivers charged with DUI-related offenses in Illinois, especially for repeat offenders, are not as strong as leading states. Strengthening existing laws when it comes to DUI prevention and other unsafe driving practices will discourage poor driving behavior and make our roads safer for everyone.

Are there any specific inefficiencies within the office that need addressing or services that need improvement, and if yes, what would your improvements be?

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